• Rogue Aviraunt

Productivity Pants: One Size Does Not Fit All

Let's talk about productivity. To define it, productivity is the most efficient use of resources or energy. In 2019, we all feel the pressure of the "more syndrome": do more, complete more, fit in more, workout more… and then there's the occasional " ______ less more often." This may include pressure to eat less or even sleep less more often. 

Not too long ago, I started to feel uncomfortable watching television at the gym or even Hulu because it seemed like every commercial advertised drugs for depression, anxiety, bi-polarism, or schizophrenia. While these are all very real conditions, many people experiencing controllable variations of these aliments struggle to manage what they're feeling or resort to prescriptions because they're drowning in a world of unreasonable expectations. People push themselves to the edge only to fall short, which may pack on a load of guilt that can be too much to bear. 

Remember the Guess Who? board game, where you had to find a match by identifying all the details of the person? In many ways, we pay such close attention to people around us or people we've never met. Even further, we begin to compare ourselves to these people, which causes us to lose respect for our unique composition. 

The reality is, there isn't a one size fits all standard for productivity. Also, productivity varies each day. You aren't the same you everyday, which is the beautiful thing about staying present; you are a magnificent, unique variation of yourself in each moment that you'll never be again. With that being said, maybe the real problem with productivity is less that it exists and more to do with the idea that it has to be beyond what we have to give in a day. 

If I wake up and give the day my best shot, then I performed at 100%. If I fall short of what I initially wanted to accomplish, that just means that I may need to readjust my goals for the following day. Or, if I'm truly not reaching my potential, I might need to reexamine my daily habits, processes, and procedures. 

We've been trained to feel guilt, to internalize it, and to keep it with us. This is so similar to holding a grudge. Maintaining anger takes sooo much energy and precious time!

If you're truly falling short, take the time to plan ahead or improve your processes and organizational procedures for your future self. If this isn't the case, honor the extent of your capabilities in a day and plan for tomorrow. 

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