• Rogue Aviraunt

Choosing Change

A dependable characteristic of life is change. Yet, ironically, many of us attach and define ourselves to what we find concrete. This may include a job, a relationship, where one resides, or even the projection of self.

This isn’t to say that consistency is undesirable or that life doesn’t present instances requiring temporary investments to reposition ourselves. Instead, there is value in drawing awareness to the reason, the intention behind our current circumstances. For instance, we may want to ask ourselves why we’re doing the things we do and how closely these efforts satisfy our being. 

Sakyong Mipham, one of my favorite authors, affirms that “to be brave is to be present”, yet how many of us succumb to less than desirable routines because we make due? How many of us shy away from reaching for more or what we know we have the potential to be? When was that last split second when you realized that you sold yourself short, retracting like the shrinking violets? What caused you to do it?

Fear of change is a real thing despite the fact that you are inevitably a different person than you were five years ago or even last year. Whip out your phone and take a scroll through memory lane if you believe that last statement to be ill judgement. Quite often, fear emerges through disconcertingly believing that no better opportunity will present itself beyond our current station, that to walk away or to close a door equates loss. This behavior shares an antagonistic relationship with abundance; we rob ourselves before we ever realize or breathe life into the wealth we hold within.

Know this: at any given point, you have the power to choose a different path, to realign your thinking. Now this doesn't negate pragmatism, we have to be reasonable. So, keep in mind that we're talking about a marathon, not a sprint. 

Think about something that evokes passion within you. Focus on how it energizes you and take note that your instincts are not charging toward limitations or fear of what it may entail to embark upon that journey. It is because there is no room for those thoughts. And the only time they do emerge is when you disconnect yourself from your passion, when you take a step back and allow another energy to enter that space. In fact, the word disconnect doesn't even begin to convey the message sufficiently. You rip; tear; snatch yourself away from your own creative genius. 

Understand, the only thing standing between you and your dreams is a foundation upon which they can stand firmly. Put in the work. Don't walk away. We's all waitin' on you to shine. 

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