• Rogue Aviraunt

A Planted Seed

Life is a series of seasons. I say, what's not to love about having the opportunity to begin a thing, see it through, and then evolve.

This means when times are good, it's bittersweet to move on and you'll always have a fondness in your heart about what you've experienced. When unfavorable instances arise, you can find comfort in the fact that your situation is temporary and when you move on to a better place, you'll be a stronger person because of those experiences.

This photo was taken around the tail end of 2017, which was a pivotal year for me. I'd just transitioned careers and earned my master's degree. I was overwhelmed to realize that corporate America wasn't going to work for me and that my degree required me to be in that environment. So, effectively, I had just wasted two years of my life and quite a bit of money.

Of course I was wrong, but that's how it felt. What I didn't know was that this time period was the beginning of a very beautiful era for me. I was like a planted seed— I seemed to be in a dark, cold place and I had to fight through the unknown in order to bloom. But when I blossomed, I did it big.

In fact, this turbulent period led to me finding my peace, truly embracing myself, and encouraged me to truly begin my life as a writer. I'm filled to the brim with gratitude when I look back, remembering how fearful and stressed I felt. My anxiety kicked my ass, but that cloud lifted and I wouldn't trade that "ah-ha" moment of clarity for the world.

So, to those of you who are in an unpleasant season, know that you can make it.

To those of you who planted in a dark place, know that you have the grit to push through to the light.

Any of you feeling weighed down, remember that you are the light.

Rock on y'all

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