Where we currently stand and where we have the potential to be is a direct result of our thoughts, yet many of them emerge from external sources without our consent. You see, we've got these beautiful untamed minds that constantly receive information both consciously and unconsciously, turning our thoughts and behaviors into a spiderweb that is difficult to navigate. Over a decade ago, I started to identify with the disconnection between who I wanted to be, my current thoughts and behaviors, and access to the information or tools I needed to evolve into that person.


I decided to work on that, which manifested in two degrees that target the human mind and an ongoing process of troubleshooting inefficiencies by disassembling and reassembling myself. As I did that work, I began to serve as a useful source to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice. I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it because I believe we should be the good we want to see in the world. 


Incorporeal Philosophy is a place we can come to examine all that contributes to our present self. This lifestyle blog includes thought provoking perspectives on a wide range of relatable topics designed to generate conversation and encourage reflection. All the goodies in the shop reflect the important topics discussed here. 


More to come soon. Welcome and I look forward to growing with you. 


-Rogue Aviraunt